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i By law we must conduct our investigations confidentially. Therefore, we will never reveal your name to the subject department without your written permission.

Your Information i By law, the state auditor cannot reveal the name of a complainant without his or her permission, except to appropriate law enforcement personnel who are conducting a criminal investigation.
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i Please provide a detailed description of the improper activity including:

- What is the improper activity and what specific laws and regulations apply?
- How and when did you become aware of the improper activity?
- Who are the parties involved and what roles do/did they play?
- When did the improper activity first take place? Is it ongoing and what is/was the frequency?
- Are any supervisors, managers, or executives aware of the improper activity and are they allowing it to happen?
- Who else knows about the improper activity and what do they know?
i Because we do not undertake formal investigations without adequate cause, we need evidence to corroborate the allegation(s) such as documents, witnesses, and other specific and relevant information. Please provide a list of available evidence we could use to substantiate your allegations and the name(s) of the individual(s) we could contact to obtain that evidence.

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